November 9, 2016 | Pat Sunderland | Delta County Independent

Troy West, the son of recreation center employee Gary West, is featured in a book titled “The Road to Success,” Vol. 2. The legendary Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The Secret,” also contributed to the book published by Celebrity Press.

In the book, leading entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world “reveal their step-by-step systems to help you achieve the health, wealth and lifestyle you deserve.”

West’s contribution debunks “The Retirement Myth.” He exposes “retirement” as a concept branded by the government, large corporations and financial institutions to maximize profit off everyday people.”

West shares the alternative method that has allowed him to travel the world and allowed him to do more, have more, and be more called “The Lifestyle Secret.”

West was a prominent athlete and straight A student at Montrose High School when he was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 15. He experienced lapses of consciousness throughout the day. Due to his health and “outgrowing opportunities” in Montrose, he moved to Broomfield High School to live with his grandmother.

His parents, Gary and Tammy, owned the Montrose Athletic Club. His grandparents, Willy and Jeanne Northrup, were successful business owners.

Troy overcame his health challenges and graduated college in three years. He is now a “lifestyle entrepreneur” and financial advisor in Montrose.

West is in negotiation for a full book that will be distributed nationwide.