How much does an initial consultation cost?

Consultations are complimentary. We understand your time and money are important. We are so confident we can improve your situation and the value we offer, we know you will want to be a client. We want to show you the “proof in the pudding” without stressing about the outcome.

How does LFP get compensated?

LFP only receives compensation with you knowing you are improving your situation. In other words, we do not charge until we educate and illustrate exactly how we will do so. Compensation comes from our various agreements with vendors or service agreements.

What makes LFP unique or different from other financial services?

LFP is based on solutions that align time, money, and passion instead of deferring them (what the traditional system teaches). Please see the link below in how we separate ourselves from what you typically see:
(link to download services comparison chart)
(link to process overview)

Do you take sponsors or strategic partnerships?

Yes we do. If you believe there is a mutually beneficial interest please email us at [email protected] with the subject “Strategic Partnership”

How quickly will I have a financial blueprint in place?

For individuals and households we can generally have a foundation in place within just a couple weeks.
Note that if you want to build a blueprint like the wealthy do, this can take much longer with our multi-generational financial blueprints (highly recommended).

For businesses, there is a range depending on where you are in the business cycle and the nature of your business.