The Problem: The Retirement Myth

Lifestyle Financial Planning (LFP) was founded on the idea that client’s come first, not large institutions. We are the originators of The Retirement Myth, the root of financial and lifestyle challenges Americans face. The Retirement Myth is the branding of “retirement” and influence of the economy by large institutions to maximize their profit off of hard working Americans until we are no longer needed (generally around the age of 65). Everything from how laws are constructed, tax codes, benefit packages, investment options, credit scores, and the banking system are designed to favor institutions and control our time, money, and passions.

The Solution: The Lifestyle Secret

LFP does not believe in principles that teach us to defer our time, money, and passion for a day that may never come. In fact, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, 99% of people do not live a better lifestyle by the age of 65 after working 40 years !

To increase the possibility of a better lifestyle today we created a philosophy called The Lifestyle Secret. We believe everyone should be able to constantly improve their lifestyle by developing strategies to utilize time, money, and passion in their favor. We do this by incorporating Lifestyle Financial Blueprints that strategically help you solidify financial security and optimize your lifestyle. The focus is not on tomorrow but what you can immediately do to improve your lifestyle today.


Traditional financial planning methods have failed Americans for 200 years. We introduce you into a new era focused on your personal lifestyle ambitions and objectives. We collaborate with you to meet your financial goals by leveraging our network of experts who work off a simple plan that adapts over time with you. Our philosophy is that you should have a minimum of 3 options to reach your financial objectives, which will align to the way you do things, that you fully understand, and that improves your situation.

Long-term Relationships

Lifestyle is a constant journey. We want to grow with you and it is why we only get paid if we are able to improve your situation.