Lifestyle Financial Planning (LFP) challenges the traditional ideas and methods of large institutions that seek to control your time, money, and passion.

We work with individuals and small businesses, focusing on the ideal lifestyle they would like to live today as opposed to deferring that lifestyle to a future that may never come. We develop personalized Lifestyle Financial Blueprints by accessing and leveraging our network of financial, business, and lifestyle experts.

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Are you unconsciously sabotaging your happiness and success?

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Did you know that

Did you know that 99% of the population will not be living their ideal lifestyle by the age of 65?


It’s not your fault. Retirement is nothing more than a “brand” setup by the government, nancial institutions and large corporations to ensure you struggle and stay working to create tax dollars for the government, so your money can be used by investment companies, and so you can make your employer money. How appealing does that sound?

Life should be a “GET TO” not a “HAVE TO.” You don’t have to defer time, money, and passion in the hopes of one day taking more vacations, spending more time with family, and buying the things you’ve always wanted. You can work towards these things now, but you must be smart, methodical, and refuse to listen to what you’ve been taught your whole life about retirement.

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Together, We Can Help You Live the Life You’ve Always Dreamed.

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Capital Connection:
5 Time Emmy Award Winner Nick Nanton Interviews
LFP President about The LFP Process

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Hollywood Live:
Discussing The Retirement Myth
with Jack Canfield

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Video 1

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The Retirement Myth and Recognition

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